toon pixar

Hi all,

I am looking for making a pixar head toon rendering.
I have downloaded the Vincent file (at the following web site
After registering on the blenderClouds site go to the following adress :
You have to clic on the blue button at right

Here is the model :

The problem is when I do a render under blender after having downloaded the Vincent file I obtain a roughness picture, see below

My question is the following; how to have the first picture rendering.

Thanks for your help,


Didn’t they tell where to find the Blender3D: Rendering for Users book?
Besides the registration link, what was the render engine used? If this happens to be “Cycles” then go check second topic from the top here.

Keep in mind - this was just a guess; to check on a problem and answer correctly one would need more information at hands, test blend file preferably.