Toon Shade Human Char Tests [+ blendfile]

Wel…this is not a wip exactly… I´ve stopped to work on him
Its a test with toonshade with a human char, trying to find a good result, without the “CG Toonshade look” =]
Here aare some results:
Basic, without textures
With no Edges
NoEdges, Zooooom
Without tooshade, testing a badly paintedtexture =]
Toonshade + tex
Toonshade + tex // other angle

I didnt modelled the char thinking in toonshade, so I will do another try with other model. This model has some work done in the rigging…not finished…but may be useful to someone else


See ya

thanks m8, its really showed me how to model humans!
thanks :smiley: :smiley: