Toon Shade Mage

Hello guys.
This is my latest work, i still need to do a lot of stuff but im on may way
What you guys think.

Hi! Good start!

i like the line quality where is fades in and out - cool idea!

One suggestion I have is that the shading on the face is a bit extreme - it feels a bit distracting. One thing you always want to try and achieve with your characters is clarity of thought and emotion. I often find that when there are a lot of shadows crossing the face, it becomes difficult for the audience to read the expression within a few frames. So for clarity, it would be a good idea to simplify the shading in the face, or reduce its complexity.

jason schleifer

This is the latest update.
Working hard on the background but im just st

arting on it

This is the latest on my mage work.
Any thoughts?

A better option?