toon shaded low poly skull

i was making some stuff for my game and i did this toon render. i thought it looked fairly cool.

Great work :smiley: No comments here, this is a more artisted defined type of work IMO looks good :wink:

its simple but cool.

Nice work.


How do you add those black lines ? :expressionless:

enable edge in the rednder settings. nice work btw, modron.

Yeah cool. Even if it’s low poly, i noticed there is no mouth.

Heh. Neat.

My god… it’s Murray, the evil skull on it’s way to conquer the world.

nice job. :smiley:

kewl, nice toonie shading :o

I particularly like the fiery background, Modron. How did you do it?

Haha, looks cool, nice toon shading.


thanks guys, the fire texture is just a world texture set to ‘distorted noise’ with a few tweaks.

very cool look. Any post processing? Also what was your materials setup for the toon shading?

  • emk

no P and P,…basically, I just used a bunch of lamps that matched the colors of the flames, and turned on ‘edge’ and maybe turned the exposure up some.