Toon shader for BGE not workin' for me...

I used some .blend I found somewhere here that had a Kirby model. It used the GLSL toon shader script but it didn’t appear to work. I was expecting a black outline in the game engine, but none showed up. Is it my version? I have blender 2.45 and python 2.51. I’m going crazy.

:eek:+:confused:+:(+:mad: = the past 5 minutes of my life

Maybe its your setting or because you use blender 2.45, because I still use 2.44.
but maybe just send me the blend file and I might help you

According to the documentation toon shaders don’t work in the GE. But if you search for toon shading in the forum you will find a number of different techniques…

yes they work in the GE… T.T
and I remember having posted a .blend tut exemple but I couldnt find it

Yeh but your using the Toon shader in python script… The Toon shader in Materials/Shaders does not work. I’m sure our friend could try that
Nice game though … very impressive

Hey Mico. Can you give me your toon script and a short tut on how to use it? I think that would be the easiest way to get around my problem… unless it doesn’t work…