toon shader overweight boss

This is my first blender human character. starting working on this few weeks ago.
still have lots of work to do.

right now it is render with Blender internal + freestyle.

Nice! I like how you actually drew the topology of the face onto the concept. Very nice character!

THanks dude! I still have lots to learn.

Followed the excellent tutorial from blendercookie and finish rigging this guy. below is a simple animation test


gave this guy a vespa that I model earlier.

Nice work, I should really take to study on how to properly use freestyle.

You have a nice character going on here :slight_smile:

thanks dude, freestyle is actually quite straight forward.
in my case, the still image look ok, but I am having a problem of line flickering in animation. I think it is probably due to my not so good model topology.

That’s Mr. Anzai.

The rig animation clip looks really nice (:

super like. would you mind sharing your freestyle settings, and/or methods of modelling and materials? Your animation tests are hilarious!! XD

That song, man… I couldn’t even finish watching it.

Nice character, great style. And jikz nailed it: “Hilarious” is the perfect expression to describe the animation-test. Just the hip-shaking movement somewhere in the middle is a little too much over the top (I mean it’s too high a frequency, too epileptic).
In any case, as you mentioned your topology, can we see a wire?
Oh and one more thing I noted: You didn’t (yet) give him that pipe as seen on your concept-scetches (nor the cup, nor the ballpen in his shirt-pocket, 4 that matter). Are those extras still to come?

greetings, Kologe

Dude, your use of tiny tim singing during the test rig animation was hilarious!

Nice work!

thanks everyone for the like :). here is a final test animation before I move on and doing a “proper” animation with this model.

haha, some of my friend told me this too.
(For people that dont know who is Mr.Anzai, he is the coach in SlamDunk manga)

sure, let me google back the tutorial I followed and I will share it here.

I agree with you about the hip shaking part, I think I overdo it.
I will do the pipe, mug, briefcase etc later. :slight_smile:
wire view with 1 level subsurf. I am not sure why the finger look weird after render
This is the material node, that I found in some Japanese blog.
I didn’t make the much of setup in freestyle, I just enable a few option and mark some edge in my model.

For modeling, I followed the the “Joan of Arc” tutorial

For rigging, I followed a few tutorials from blendercookie

This is freaking hilarious. I love it. Keep it up! My favourite is probably the “Oh yeah! I am happy!”, but they are all great. I am loving it.

Nice character i realy love it :slight_smile:
The Vespa reminds me of the one out of “furikuri” because of the P…

But i think he looks more like a professor instead of a boss, he looks a bit to friendly ^^"


small update, model some items for this guy