Toon shading and modelling tips (z3ro d please post)

Anyone have any tips on using toon materials/a toon look in general?

Eg what do you consider the best values for EINT etc

z3ro, I assume you made that avvy yourself - I’d like to know any techniques you used.

actually, my avatar was made in the gimp using paths

so… I don’t have much to say on this topic
I may look into it though, now that I have been asked (given how much I want sleep tonight)

conlusion: my subdivison surface (can’t even spell it, maybe) modeling skills need work

the basics (probably obvious to those that have tried before)
make one (only one) sun lamp (or spot lamp, either way it needs shadows)
turn specular all the way down
set the diffuse shader to toon
(adjust size and softness to your liking, probably turn ref to 1.0)
play with the emit slider until you get reasonable values for the shadows on your mesh

and add different materials for some details…
dont’ know, have chores, need sleep

oh, and I made some .blend file with some skin-ish settings: