Toon shading for BMRT, POVray, LightFlow, Virtualights

(kroopson) #1

Are there any toon shaders for BMRT, Virtualight or POVray, and is there any way to export scene into lightflow and make it toonlike?


(eeshlo) #2

Yes, Lightflow has a toonshader, but you will have to add it yourself to the exported script. Best way to do this would be using MATSpider, or wait for the new script…
And I’m sure there is a renderman shader somewhere to do toonshading, I’d actually be surprised if there wasn’t…
But you could also do toonshading in Blender, and I don’t necessarily mean activating the ‘edge’ mode, but for instance by making use of colorbands with a combination of shadeless rendering and a ‘normal’ mapped sphere blend for the edge. It might actually look better than using Lighflow for that.

(kroopson) #3

Thanks for the tips - I’m trying to make it in Blender but it’s somehow tricky :o

Is there any tutorial (except one from NaN page) about this ???