Toon shading fun

These folks were gathering dust on my hard-drive, so i thought i’d allow them a little fresh air here on elysiun. Enjoy.

oops, this one nearly got away

Those are some great renders, I love the toon shader.

Awesome work. So where is the animation, as it looks like these guys are rigged?


Awesome. Great characters. Well modelled, and nice toon shading. Great work! :slight_smile:

Three thumbs up! Great character design, modelling and toon renders!

Nice toons. Personally, I like the third one the best but they are all good. I think it would be funny to see a little animation short with all these characters in it. Again, nice work.

Nick V

please please please can I animate them???

If you are not going to, then I think that I should because they really deserve to be put in an animation. They have so much character!

…of course, I’m always asking to animate others’ work…

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I am indeed hoping to animate theses little fellows, I’m just trying to put a good robust rig together before I start.

Baboon, I’ll probably make the armature rig available when it’s done. Not sure about the characters though. I’m kind of attached to them at the moment.

wow, nice design and render!

Really cute. I like them all. The last one seems little whisk away, but still very fine. Peoples here are learning use a toon shading well.

Fantastic renders man!
I love your use of the toon shaders - fantastic!

Your models have a cool cartoon feel to them and IMHO work really
well with toon shaders.

My favorites are the top one and the second one…the one with the white outline is the worst but the material itself on the bot looks great. If it weren’t for that outline I’d just think he had a sweet paint job. Your eyes are great on these guys. It reminds me of bender from Futurama. Good work. Now all these bots need are little robo-dog sidekicks.

…the one with the white outline is the worst but the material itself on the bot looks great. If it weren’t for that outline I’d just think he had a sweet paint job.

The one with the outline is actually not the built-in toon shader. Its an attempt at achieveing the effect described here ->
using the old ‘blend texture mapped to normal’ trick. It just worked out pretty well so i thought i’d post it.

The great thing about the 'toon materials is you only really need one light in your scene to make everything look good. Appeals to my lazy nature. I’ll post the settings i used when i get home if any one is interested.

nice shading!!! (mmmm… did you used my tut? %| )

wow. veeery nicely done. nothing I can say that’s not said here before… I too wait to see them moving around…

five ztönzties… (and one devil because of the general wickedness)

:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z :<


Very lovely and funny but I like, as the best, this so funny guy coming out of the egg which you had as your posting sign. He is so simple and, though, so expressive. To be able to infuse personality by so simple means is something essential in cartooning, be it 2D or 3D.

Nice characters. I like their proportions and simplicity. I bet they will look very good in action.

I decided i just couldn’t deny baboon, so i rigged up this guy for download:

Get him here:

Feel free to use him as you wish. Only condition is, please give me credit for the model and rig if you show your animations.

those characters are absolutely nuts!! :o

they kick ass! wow! i absolutely looooooooooove the style! reminds me of something…maybe happy meals at mcdonalds when i was a kid… :wink:

i say the second one is cool