Toon shading/hemi light problem

I have a project that I’m working on for the blender anim awards. I have the characters and first scene built and materialized, and I want to use toon shading because it looks really neat and it quickens up the rendering. But I need to have a constant source of light so nothing is blacked out, and when I use the hemi lamp the toon shading doesn’t work, I just get regular diffusion. Is there a way without using a gazillion lamps to get a constant source that will cooperate with toon shading, cuz I really like the look and don’t want to change my project.

If you’re not using radiosity (unlikely, considering you’re using a toon shader :slight_smile: ) you could simply add an emit value to your materials. AFAIK it won’t act as a light source unless radiosity is on. Unfortunately this will even light up parts of your mesh that no light should be able to get to. An alternative is an icosphere with dupliverted lamps set to nospec.

well if I don’t set the emit value too high I can adjust the colors to fit the lighting that would normally be seen. thanks.

Question for Alitorius

Please check out this post of mine. I was wondering if your suggestion wouldn’t help me out also.


I just found out the real problem: it was all the shading ramp’s fault. So i kept the hemi light and adjusted the ramps on the materials to make it look like toon shading, by sharpening the gradiation of the shades.