Toon style in blender without Glsl

Hey all,

I been getting over 10 questions about this so I’ll explain in steps how to create a black outline for a cube so that it gets cartoon style. It’s made that even the newbiest can do it. (I hope)

  1. Start a new file, delete everything (A -> Delete) and make a cube. (Space: Add -> Mesh -> Cube)
  2. Duplicate that cube, and without moving the mouse press enter. (Shift + D -> Enter)
    You now have 2 of the same cubes on top of each other.
  3. Make 1 of the cubes a colour you want. Like red. (Not black!) (F5 -> Add new)
  4. Make the other cube black. (F5 -> Add new)
  5. Scale up the black cube a little. (S -> type: 1.1 -> Enter) or (Alt + S, which works better on more complicated shapes)
  6. Go to edit mode. (Tab)
  7. Make sure all verticles are selected, and flip the faces of the black cube. (Crl + F -> Flip normals.)
  8. Go to Textured mode.

If you did everything correctly you should now see a red cube with a black outline.

What did we do:

We made an extra cube and turned the faces inside-out. That way we see the black cube behind the normal cube, and you get a outline.

This doesn’t work 100% for every shape so just experient with it a little.

Have fun blending. :wink:


if, instead of scaling with S, you shrink/fatten with alt-s, the technique works a whole lot more reliably with complex, or even just oblong, shapes.

Wow that works really good with other shapes!
thanks xD