Toon Style

Here is a scene that I just reciently started. Again there isnt much now I as always Im not sure where it is going. The scene will continue the toon style with maybe a toon bird on the fience or an out house in the background. Again not really sure at this time. But any way here is the start of my next small project.

make a looping animation of sheep jumping over it! :slight_smile:
Nice toon, I could never get it to work for me…

Not bad…
But yeah., Somewhat bland as of now. Tip: Some big fluffy clouds, use metaballs.

Hey thx for the replies guys. As I was going to bed last night it came to me in what to do with this scene. I am going to make a short animation but I dont want to give too much away now. I only have one more object to model and rig then I will put it all together. But I have for work a lot so be sure to check back in due time for a short animation with a little humor.