practice compositing in blender.


Wow, that’s great! I love the nose and the beard!

So nice! If only his beard was made of particles it had reminded of one of How to train your dragon movie characters!

Really nice! I like the clean cut simple nature of it.

PS. “practice compositing”? Surely you mean modelling or lighting right?

I share the same doubt :slight_smile:

Really cool ! :slight_smile:

JayDez : thank you sir!

ShilaM: yes sir! inspired by how to train your dragon movie. thank you

redbyte: i mean 3d modelling & lighting. thank you sir!

ShilaM: i mean 3d modelling & lighting. thank you sir!

Loolarge: Thank you sir!

Clearly inspired by David Revoys design. Very nice work.

yes sir! thank you sir!

hmm, would have been better if you actually credited him in ur own post :stuck_out_tongue: