toon ??

My second work , pure Blender this time , c&c please.


Whoa very nice. No crits from me.

woah thats really cool should show some of us how to do that ^____^

are they shaders and things or textures ;}

nice, but for the things the gears are rotating around(cant come up with the word at the moment…) enter editmode, select all, and hit ctrl+n. taht should rid you of thes weird black lines all over the axles.( ah that’s the word)

NPR love!

I see lots of overlapped vertices. To fix this, select a gear. Go into edit mode and select ALL of the vertices and press the REM double button. This will remove the duplicated vertices.

BE CAREFUL! the “Rem Double” button will remove any vertice that is very close to another vertice.

When finished SAVE AS A NEW FILE with a different file name, you may want to keep the original to work on again.

That is very nice.I really like it.No crits from me