Toonish mansion at moon light. [PUBLIC REQUEST UPDATE]


Another one down below. :smiley:

Just roll down for a new tweaked version. Damn, I was fast.

Well, the topic speaks for this one, so here you go:

This is ment to be a static pic from this particular angel, so just throw in your C&C. Bonus point for anyone who knows where this particular manison comes from… :stuck_out_tongue:

looks a bit maniac to me…
Or maybe an episode later.
It’s a long time since…

excellent pic!! however, you might want to subsurf the moon, and make the particles behind the meteor go from white to yellow to red to black, gradually (hint: colorband). [>]

cool pic…I really like the house and all…

except the non-subsurf moon it look good. Just subsurf it a bit :wink:

uhmm and…I don’t knwo for you…but I think the meteor is useless in the scene…I mean it don’t really fit with the “haunted house” atmosphere…maybe if you fix the trail…make it light the house a bit with a yellow*orange light it would look cool…except that really good work man!!

trust me, the meteor is essential…

Well allright… here is tweaked version. What do you think now?

The update is much better but I agree with the comment above, the meteor doesn’t fit the scene (unless of course it is going a smash into the house :wink: ). Maybe a faint shooting star instead?
Otherwise, this is very well done.

Is the house from the cartoon version of Addams family or something? It looks familiar.

Anyway - I really like it. Don’t understand the meteor in the scene but obviously it means something.

Good stuff.

Love the house but gotta agree with the rest on the meteor.

Also the house looks like the place on the hill where Norman Bates lived with his dead mother.

That really makes me remember Maniac Mansion… or maybe it’s just the meteor… who knows… :smiley:

Right, you don’t get that meteor. So then you are not retro gamers like I am…

This particular mansion is from the box of Maniac Mansion, first part of Day of The Tentacle. And actually the moon is added, only the game manual has the moon at the level of the mansion. Game box itself has only the meteor. At the other hand the manual does not have the meteor.

Hope that this was a clear statement.

Thanks you for that, reminded me to fire up gold old Winuae amiga emulator and play some old adventures : )

(off to monkey island…)


v good update! now, give the moon a simple texture and get rid of the meteor.

right, ye twisted mi arm, ye blood thisrty hounds. There ye havit:

Oh, buhuu, I’ve just lost my independency as an artist… public has over run me… oh, my… oh!!!

When I saw the meteor the first thing I thought of was maniac mansion. So in other words I like the meteor. Brings back memorys. Nice scene, nice toon look. Well done.

Oh, why, why, the cruelty…I used to play Maniac Mansion all the time when i was younger (and still had an NES), i love that game, but now its like those pictures are mocking me that i cant play it anymore…cruel fate

Well get a PC copy from it then… or amiga copy and run it with an emulator… The world is full of options, old chap.

Day of the Tentacle rocks! You even got the evil purple tentacle in your avatar!
What’s next, Bernard, Hoagie & Laverne :D?

I think you’ve brought the mansion out to 3d very nicely

  • Stungun

I am actully modeling Razor from Maniac Mansion… Her head is coming along nicely… I’ll be posting some scenes some time soon, after I get hair of my liking on her head.