Toonkit 1.6 Is Released for Blender 3.x!

I’ve noticed at least one person over at C4dcafe who purchased your plugin for the shaders in the Cycles commercial version for Cinema4D. Not bad!

That’s interesting. Really would like to see if at lest the OSL shaders are working in C4D :wink:

I think that might have been me (I’m strayvector over there), but haven’t gotten anything yet that is worth sharing. This is mostly a result of me being a cycles newbie. I’m using the script node to load .osl files. I tried to install the .oso files but haven’t gotten that to work.

The .oso files will not work cause they are compiled for each hardware, you need to load the osl as you did.
All nodes that depends on the “Scene Light Info” node such “Scene Shading” and “Scene Shadow” nodes would not work at all cause they read our own data provided by the Scene Light Info node but all others can work.

I really would like to see it in action. Mostly the line rendering. Even a simple scene would be great :wink:

I’ll get back to you when I have something. Since this is more Cinema 4D related I’ll post something over at C4dcafe. I’ll get you a link when I have something.

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It looks great!
Can we render only lines over alpha and care about colors ourselves?

You can just render the lines in a white emission material and Photoshop it to convert white to transparent.
The render should look like this:


More Updates for Toonkit 1.1

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I sent you a message with a very simple test.

During this month we have been working in many improvements for Toonkit including new nodes that speedup the workflow and changes in nodes to produce better results with less effort. Now we’re working in better docs and samples for all our nodes. This takes time so we need one more week to finish it all and make sure you guys will get the best product possible at this release. So Toonkit 1.1 will be released next week.

We’re are also extending our discount until July 13. After that we will get back to the original price of $49,90. So this is the last change to get discounted price.

Thank you all for the great support of the community at this product and if you have any suggestion for the future of Toonkit just let us know.

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Toonkit for Cycles 1.1 is here!

Available in blendermarket, Promotional Price ends this week!!!…/toonkit…

Next Toonkit version is already running in Blender 2.8 alpha

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Nice to see! Wish OSL will get more attention from developers… there is a lot of usefull stuff (in OSL) that is still not supported from Blender side //

Considering that Eevee has built in NPR, that works real time, I don’t really see a use for this.

You’re right today we don’t have shader nor traceset from trace function. It would allow us to implement even more functions to shadows and line rendering.

“Shader to RGB” node available in Eevee is not even close to be a final solution for NPR in blender. A simple scene with multiple lamps with different light colors like that would require a lot of work if possible.

Sorry for the delay but here’s the first Tutorial of Toonkit using the EasyToon workflow and the Line Rendering to produce NPR rendering. The video is in PT-BR with subs in English.


Toonkit Dev Log
New Penetration Mask node to the upcoming Toonkit 1.2
Very useful to set specific objects on top of others. It’s a common effect in anime style eyebrow of characters


Toonkit Dev Log
With the upcoming Mask features for shadows and Lineart images like that are now possible to produce in just one pass (One render layer).

Rendertime: 1mim 58 sec
CPU: Intel i5 2500k


Is this .blend available to have a look at ?

It would not render right in the current Toonkit version but it will be provided as a sample with the next version