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righto potato! thanks!

After using Toon Kit for Cycles for a month I decided to create this Review and Tutorial video. This tutorial goes over a couple of simple set ups. Previously I was using Blender Internal Render with freestyle and Toon Kit will be my replacement going forward in Cycles and Blender 2.8.


Thanks levelpixellevel this is a great review and tutorial!


Can toonkit do this type of shader?

I see no problem in that. We include an halftone texture node that can reproduce the result of the third image too.

How can I use your addon to turn the model in pic1 into pic2 without the progress to delete all the materials, create emission materials and reapply it to the places? I mean, how to keep the materials and toonize it by just one node (or button - to rule them all)?

There’s no automatic converter for it for now. You can keep the materials but will need to rework then. You can make a simple node group with easynode, scene input and emission and copy it to all material . It would speedup the process.

Please work on it then. And the hatching up there too. Sometimes this kind of scene with hatching is needed

With them functions your addon will be the best.

While there’s no procedural hatching texture on it (There’s already halftone)
you can use the EasyToon as blend factor to add hash texture (Tonal Map) to any model. Check this out:

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Toonkit for Cycles 1.2 Released with Blender 2.8 experimental support

We would like to Announce that Toonkit for Cycles 1.2 is already available!

Other than many improvements this package contains also the first Blender 2.8 version. While this is yet experimental is also feature complete compared with 2.7 version.

To Celebrate we’re including toonkit in Blendermarket Black Friday Sales with 25% OFF until Nov 27th

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Nice work. Any plans for a ToonKit for Eevee? That’d be very welcome.

Sure! We’re only waiting blender support custom shaders for it. There’s a plan for it in blender 2.8 but probably will not drop in 2.80 yet.

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This looks fantastic.

-Can this ToonKit render Refractions and Reflections?
-And what about hair (without converting to polygons)?


Mostly of the nodes has no problem with reflection and refractions (Glossy and Glass shaders).

Lineart has limitations with reflections from objects occluded.

Hair is not a problem also.

That`s great. Please, when you have some time, can you show an example of toon rendering with Hair…

Easy Toon is not worked by me. Everything else already. The rendered View is black.

Hi blend_rend can you please contact us in blendermarket? We have a nice support channel there :wink:

I was wondering, can Toonkit work with textures? Or is just materials only?

No problems with textures Philmister978