toons from under the green pipe

3 toons i make some time ago in blender

they represent kinda low type sense of humor

one contain cursing in other language then English

toons where make for entertaining not to offend anyone

(toons are rather simple and not to good :p)
hope anyone will like it

Too short and we do not understand what it says… Well at least for English Speakers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

chech or what country? I did understand some, but don’t like - too negative & too green.
The idea with baiki about UFO much promised.

which program did you use to make these? :slight_smile:

well technically theres only one word in the first one and its just a curse (so u didn’t mist much ) ;p

Poland, yes i know thy are negative but thats how it supposed to be, i wanted to cheak how would it work to make a 2D (kinda) animation in blender

blender, and windows movie make :stuck_out_tongue: oh and audacity (since poor voice acting was make by me :p)