Toonshade(no nodes)

Well i did a tutorial on toonshading a while back
and here is what i got

i think its missing somthing…:confused:

uh, yeah, definite lack of tooniness. You sure you didnt do a car shader tute instead?

Idk…it was a downloaded tutorial…im pretty sure i deleted it…but idk toonshading to me is Dark out line and bright inside.this is kinda that…

Free_ality: Well I thought that was funny :wink:

Lilgrudgeboy: Yeah, well it’s definitely more toony than it could be, but it’s also less toony than it could be. You need really hard transitions from light to dark.

ok…=) thanks

@blenditall: wohoo! I dub thee head of my Personal Laugh Force. (or PLF, pronounced PULF)

Feel free to laugh at my jokes at any time(preferably when other people arent)

Free_ality: Sounds fine, though I’m making no promises. You can join my PLF if you want, but there’re already so many people in it I probably wouldn’t notice you:p.

[Sorry for offtopic]


I’ll join anyway. And that was my first contribution btdub.

Looks kinda toony to me… but seems like it’s got some specular going on, which is generally not needed for toons.

Maybe try turning that down (Maybe all the way) and see if you like it better?

I’ve always liked green monkeys though =P

ETA:: Also, I can’t remember how atm, but you can make edges into rendered black lines as well. In the tutorials section of the main blender page it says how in the toon shading tute…

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

It looks like a 3d toon, not a 2d toon, not sure which you’re going for

yeah i forgot to set the spec down…but ill try that thanks =)