Toony airplane

(PR) #1

Well, after starting this and leaving the plane sawed in half for more than 3 months, I decided to try finishing it, and doing a toon render for it.


(Edeehem) #2

Awesome Render :smiley:

Now where did I see that plane? It is very familiar.

(blazer003) #3

Tailspin. GREATEST…CARTOON…EVER! I did a SeaDuck just like it. Don’t have it on this computer, but I’ll post an image here in a bit. Never quite got around to finishing it. Yours is really nice, probably better than mine. Did you use those 3 view plans to make this, or did you go from scratch and frame grabs?

(rexprime) #4

its the “Seaduck” i havent seen that thing in years. good job

(Gabio) #5

I used to see this cartoon in french.
Baloo the bear, yea and this plane was called the “zagalow”

(flyersa) #6

i love it :slight_smile:

(MrMuscly) #7

:o It’s baloo’s ship dammit! Awesome!

(PR) #8

Yes, it’s the Sea Duck, Baloo’s plane from TaleSpin. Well, as a reference, I used the pic below, and some screenshots found un the web. The reference pic however was a bit useless after a bit because the height and widht of the various parts didn’t correspond in front and side view… :-?.

I changed the engine interior, and made another render from another PoV… wich one do you think is better?


(Jacco) #9

i know a good idea with thats last pic, make those egine’s look like theyare realy running, making it look like its flying.

(TheWood) #10

This is a very nice use of the toon shader. I love the model!
Great job. Can’t wait to see a scene around it!



(PR) #11

Sunset in Cape Suzette… a bit grainy…


(tmr232) #12

that looks great!
the model and the shader are both fantastic[!]
I really like it!!

(tioilmo) #13

Continue like this !!!

(PR) #14

OK, final version of the scene. I realize the previus one was a bit rushed. I fixed the water, the light and the sky, beside increasing the AO samples. Well, here’s “Sunset in Cape Suzette”!


(foCus) #15

Really nice. Now where’s Baloo :wink:
Have to find the tape so I can watch it again.
gone looking for the tape

(MrMuscly) #16

Marvelous! It really brings me back!