Toony fur

Ok, I absolutly fell in love with this style after watching this animation Not sure what Software they used, but pretty sure was either 3Dmax or Maya.

What i’m curious is sugestions to make a fur on character of sorts on a toon character. Obviously doesn’t need be the heavy particles like one would use on the hair particles system. So, wondering if there’s good means to make a lil jiggly fur notions of sorts on character that can resemble fur movement during animation.

Wicked short!

Looking at it, it looks simple enough to be managed with some overlapping softbody meshes. It looks like it shows up only in the white of his neck, and the material seems to be self-lit or shadeless to obscure the details.

So maybe some parts stickin out on mesh with softbody modifiers to it?

that was a cool animation. my theory is that it was modelled as part of the mesh, but I noticed the guys email was tagged onto the end of the vid, so you could email him and ask.

OMFG… didn’t think to look at the credits >.<; LOL, I’ll do that actualy. Maybe he’ll have good tips on setitn up a similar toonstyle shading =^.^=

Let us know if you get an answer. I might try the soft-body version I suggested on one of my cartoon models (I’ll probably be redoing the mesh based on things I’ve learned.)

I’ve seen things like this where it is modeled the way you would do it normally for a “realistic” render and then let the shaders handle it.

Here’s something of a painted effect using LightWave and native tools . Not quite the same but close and I know William Vaughn has come up with some techniques like this as well, which may or may not translate to Blender well. I always wanted to try.

But I really don’t think that the hair was modeled that way. I really think it’s a shader thing. I could be wrong though.