Toonz $

About how much does a Toonz lisence cost?

List prices go from as low as $2000 for Scan & Cleanup license, to as high as $11995 for the Studio license. Toonz 5.0 Harlequin

Also Check out “Tab Lite

Looks like Toon Boom Solo is a better alternative for now

dogwaffle pro is a pretty powerful software for 100$ but it does not support vector curves, and the animation paths tend to overshoot a bit, much like blenders ipo curves did until recently. still, for $100 it’s a sweet deal, and it has a bunch of other killer features, like ( a recently improved ) particle brush, lens flare engine, fx brushes, animated brush support, a timeline for filter effects, onionskinning, and alot of other stuff.

heck here’s my 2 cents. Google for synfig.

Synfig although promising is way too imature. I couldn’t even get the thing to run on my machine.

I;m also on Mac OSX. if there is any software that I havent heard of for this operating system that can be suggested, I’m all ears.


Sure, Moho looks very good for some things, however a 2D animation system with bones isn’t really helpful for me. I need some sort of cell animation system.

Plastic Animation Paper - affordable 2D animation software (only for pencil lines, no inking/colouring), very easy and fast to use, high quality pencil

Mirage, full fledged 2D animation software


Hi Bob
Your knowledge is incredible. It will help me a lot.

Free for linux users!

even a Ubuntu binary for newbies!!

hope they make a windows version soon, I hate dual booting.