Toothbrush: help wanted

Low-poly toothbrush for a movie I’m hoping to make with a friend. The toothbrush is going to stand as it is, but does anyone know how I can make good-looking bristles? Remember that it has to be low-poly, I’m on a PII 366.

Any ideas?

Maybe with an UVmapped cube ?

A UV mapped cube would work perfectly.

The only other way to do it is add a 5-6 sided tube and then make a bunch of them.


Dupliverted tubes


add a grid (like maybe 10X25)

select all

delete all edges

extrude up

add material

set material to wire

(personally, i doint know if this will work, but i can’t use blender right now…)


but i think UV mapping or dupliverts are your best bet


You could always use static particles, unless you need to use reflections.

If you want static particles with reflections use envmaps.