Toothbrush simulation?

I try to simulate a toothbrush, and have difficulties finding good settings to realistically bend the fibers while brushing. Can anybody help? I added a .blend that simulates the brushing. A single fiber (a subdivided cube) rotates and hits a surface. (Press “play” to see). It should bend elastically when/while hitting/touching the surface. Right now - like you see on the screenshot - it is not stiff enough where it bends (where the vertices are).

I would prefer to be able to simulate single/seperate brushes/fibers only (not fields / whole systems).

Many thanks!!


brush simul 2b.blend (377 KB)

I looked at it briefly. And, saw few problems:

First off, the collision surface needs some friction. That will help brush tip to “drag” on the face. As it is now with zero friction, brush is not dragging but collapsing.

You are using Soft Body Goal without assigning the vertex group. Soft Body Goal should be used to “fix” the mounted end of the brush. You do that by vertex painting the mesh in such a way so that the tip is flexible and mount is rigid. This will make the brush tip to behave more naturally.

Thank you Ridix! That was very helpful.