Took about 2 days to model & render. C&C welcome

The bristles were done using static particles dupliverted to cylinders.


The toothbrush and the refraction in the glass look nice.

I really don’t like the tiles though; they look odd for two reasons.

  1. You need grout between tiles so they don’t get water and dirt between them – and so they stick to the walls.
  2. They look like subsurfed cubes (subdivision level 1) with each edge extruded once. Thus, while they’re somewhat smooth, they look pretty bad. Have no fear, though! I’ve made the same mistake many times, and have found that it is really easy to fix.

Check out this wireframe; it took less than 5 minutes:
It’s a much nicer tile, and it takes no time to make. It’s a bunch of extruded planes with set smooth on and subsurf level 2. I extruded twice in each direction; this improves the flat center and makes the side curves sharper, like they should be. It also decreases the radius of the rounding at the corners.

Here it is with a quick material and some very bad grout:
Go ahead and keep your material; it’s much nicer than mine.

I really like the bristles on the toothbrush. I’d say that they’re perfectly executed.


It looks good. Great job on the bristles. I would try to put a little more detail in the sink fixtures. Also, a bead of caulk where the sink meets the tile would be nice.

Nice job on the the reflections and materials.

Your toothbrush bristles look awesome, and certain aspects of the materials/caustics are good too.

I know it is a “Finished Project”, but I still have some critiques… sorry.
It looks as though the tiles were cubes that you used W-Bevel on and subsurfed. I sorta agree with meestaplu, the tiles could use a little more work. You could use that same bevel tool to make the edges on the faucet handles a little smoother and realistic.

Also, on the materials, if you want to make it reflective or very shiny (like on the mirror, sink, etc.) you might want to turn the spec, hard, or both up a bit.

Otherwise, it looks good.

The bristles are the best part.

The texture of the bristles looks real, but it makes me expect the rest of the image to be as detailed, and I’m let down when it is not.
So to improve the image, tiny bump textures could be added to the handle, counter top and tiles.

I like that the mirror and the tiles appear to have thickness. And that toothbrush handle looks like one I have used before :slight_smile:

Nice scene.

thanks for all the comments. This was made for a weekly image contest for realfxstudios. The subject was ‘toothbrush’ so naturally that’s what I spent the majority of my time on.

meestaplu - thanks for the advice on the tiles, I’ll remember for the next time I try them.

Dbugged - the caulk is a great idea! after all, it’s all in the details, isn’t it?

Everyone else - thnx. All comments are appreciated.

I think the best part is the bristles, they’re really nice.

Those bristles rock! I would rearange the composition to allow you to zoom right in on what is the pictures “sweet spot”. The head of the tooth brush.

Good work

Now I’m a relative newbie and I am learning how to improve my WIP’s the hard way, so I don’t know if I’m qualified to make commentary… but…

How hard would it be to add water spots on the water glass?

I’ve been making glass things because I am an optics engineer, but I haven’t figured out a decent believable way to put water spots on something to add that extra touch.

A question for the general population at large. Does someone have a way that is, if not easy, at least easier than the equivalent of crawling through broken glass covered in turpentine? Applying a map seems obvious, but making a map with good spots isn’t something that comes naturally (to me). If you look closely, water spots have real visual structure and are not in the least uniform.

In case I seem only critical - NICE toothbrush! That is the centerpiece to the whole thing and looks awesome.


The tiles could use slight improvement but the toothbrush is nice and well modeled.