toothpaste Packaging


one more step!


nice work on the box. good details. the white edges add alot of realism to it. also, nice threads.

Very clean, very well done! I really like the metallic texture.
I am not quite sure wether the composition is quite perfect yet, but it’s looking really good.
And as keseyrage pointed out: While the box seems so simple, the details are really adding to the realism.

one more step


oh my god this so cool i like it so much man it,s amazingly awesome ,and it,s convincing that you cant tell if it,s real or not at some times

Thanks, I will soon make available the files for download.

:evilgrin: hehehe… nice detail
you could make the paste more like made of golden flakes, since gold needs to be powdered(?) for such an application/use, as it is in metallic car paints… just a suggestion

much thanks