Hi everyone!

This is a study I did of the human face/skin, most of the details were created from scratch using Blender and Substance Painter. I’ve sculpted the skin details using the default Blender’s brushes, no alphas projection. The skin texture was created in SP, the eyes and the teeth the texture of those were done inside Blender, using procedural textures. Render in Cycles using one Plane with Emission shader and Pro Lighting Skies.

If you want to take a close look on the file, you can download it at the link below.

Hope you like it and feel free to ask anything.



Awesome work! Really like materials and sculpt!

This is amazing!

Thank you for the comments! Here some more images.


Very cool! You did awesome job, especially with the hair. I’m also working on the face now, and I’d say it’s not easy at all… Well done! :slight_smile:

Awesome job Lucas !

TimoShch, thank you! Yep, the human face is not easy at all. If you need any material to help your development, I really like the book Drawing the Human Head by Burne Hogarth.

Ranquin, thanks!

Thanks, bookmarked for the future.

fantastic work! really nice character!

Great job man! hahaha looks a bit like the MAD game figure, a bit older…
Thanks for the link, gonna check your work for sure.

Loving this!!! :smiley:

lol still working out how to make object, hope to make crazy faces one day.

Looks a little bit like an old Freddie Mercury. :slight_smile:

Hey Lucas, always a treat seeing your works. You hit all the points with this study :slight_smile:
Great piece from concept to execution!
Super impressive hand sculpted skin detail, the shader and textures are also awesome!

your node organization makes me feel terrible, hehe

Seriously, amazing work! I’m learning a lot peeling thru your materials here.

The teeth are from another planet. :slight_smile:

These are some unique features that make characters notable and a bit caricature.

I love this design

Thanks very much for all the comments! In case you missed it on Blender Nation, I’ve made a post with some tips about how to improve the SSS in Cycles, based on this work.

Looks great! Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Almost look like real face