Top 10 Renders from DAY31 Challenge

Ok guys So, As some of u May know I took a challenge inwhich i Have to create 31 artworks in 31 days… In order to improve my skills and to touch some unknown realm… and get way out of my comfort zone by having a tight deadline…
and for most of it check out this link :-

So here are they :-

  1. Chibi Deathstroke and His Mirakuru army

A lot more renders (10 or so…) on my artstation :-

  1. Minimalistic Interior



  1. Abstract Landscape(World Mechine)

More Renders :-

  1. Shoe Visalization

(I saw this shoe alot in archviz stuff… So i try to create iit :D)

More renders + WireFrame GIFs ==

  1. Trying out some Studio Automotive Renderings

More Cool renders ==

  1. InstaGRAM Camera Concept (MY Favorite Visualization :D)

More COOL and indepth renders :-

  1. Legendary Weapon (TImelapse available Soon :-

  1. A Little Christmas GiveAway I did for Day25 i.e, ChirstMas which includes A fully rigged Little bot with semi realistic Textures and A Casso elero sofa

Node setup of the Bot Shaders (Using Poliigon Textures ) :-

  1. SCI FI Creature… So I always wanna to create a scifi robot but as they say “Self doubt is the biggest enemy” but because of Day31 Challenge I didnt even got time to self doubt myself… SO i JUst DID it!!.. and result is really is just awesome for me:D

  1. …and Last and Final render is A Scifi Cargo Bot Which I am really proud of Here is the render :-

And here is the TIMELAPSE is anybody is interested :smiley:

Soo… Before Day31 Challenge I Cant even Imagine I was able to do this Much!!..I learned Alot!! even alot more then I was able to learn in 3 years of my CG experience… So… If anyone of U who is watching this post… I request u to please challenge urself,challenge urself soo hard that U have no choice but to complete it!..and I bet When U complete all the hurdle u cant even imagine How far U came from where U first stared :smiley:

“A journey of thousand Miles starts with one footstep so please step out of ur comfort zone and thrive to achieve much higher skill set then now”… :smiley:

Have a nice DAY guys…

And yes If u wanna see the rest of #DAY31 renders please visit Artstation Album…

and if u wanna stay Updated with my daily renders (I am currently doing Sculpting ) then please feel free to visit my facebook page :- and for timelapse and breakdowns :-

thankyou for ur precious time…

Have a nice DAY :smiley:

I do like the results from your challenge. I honestly wish I had the time to put in enough effort each day to do a similar challenge because it looks like a great way to improve CG skills. I guess I just find it difficult to stay engaged and focused on one project with an efficient workflow in order to produce a quality render at the end of each day.

I think you should start doing it and posting it… Even if u wont be able to finish it perfectly at the end of the day…u still are creating something… Which is how u will improve… It doesn’t matter if the result is bad…the only thing that i kept in mind is that i need to learnnew thing everyday… And as jake parker said “FINISH, NOT PERFECT”. all the best my friend

Awesome renders!

Thanks man,glad u like it :smiley: