Top and Bottom textures not lining up on cube

I am fairly new to texturing and I was wondering how to seamlessly texture the top and bottom of a cube. For example in this picture,, the left and right side seamlessly line up but the top does not. This happens with pretty much any seamless texture I could find. Is there any way I can fix this? This is how my current material looks like

In the Texture Coordinate node, instead of “Generated”, try connecting UV to vector. Or you can tweak the scale in the Mapping node until the texture fits the cube.

Basically, you can’t. Imagine a seamless stripe horizontally across front, back, left, and right faces. There is no way to align the top and bottom face to all of them. A piece of staggered brickwork with also have this kind of directionality. The top will always look different from the sides. Here a modeled example: