Top-down game character movement

Hi, I’m new to the BGE and I have limited programming experience. I’m trying to create a top-down style game (think Legend of Zelda) where the character movement is controlled with either ASDW on the keyboard or a joystick. I can move my “character” using the motion actuator but I would like my “character” to look in the direction it is moving. Can I do this with just the logic bricks? I really don’t want to code anything but I will if I have to.


-Create an invisible cube (‘controller’) to represent your character. Set this up with movement as normal.
-Create four invisible objects (I use cubes in the example below for visibility, but empties work well for this), parented to the cube and arranged in your four directions (or eight if you want diagonal movement/facing).
-Create your character model (the one we’re going to see in-game, or ‘player’), parent that to the cube, and set it up with Edit Object (TrackTo) actuators for each of the directional objects.
-Noodle keyboard input controllers from the controller cube to the appropriate TrackTo actuators on the player object.

topdown_movelook_example.blend (509 KB)