Top of Leg having distortion

I’m rigging a model and for some reason the leg has massive distortion between the top of the leg and the waist. I’ve tried to weight paint to fix it but it only makes its worse. I think this issue requires something more than just weight painting

You should create a bone between leg and the waist and reparent, it would help to have a better deformation

Could you give me an example? Im not sure exactly where the bone goes. Like in my picture do I create 1 bone that goes down from the stomach bone and parent the top leg bones to it or do I create two bones going from the stomach bone in each direction and then parent the top leg bones to it?

Do something like that:

you can select the spine base bone, shift select the upper leg bone and press F to fill and create the new bone, it will automatically parented to the spine bone, just parent the leg bone to it. You can align the new bone correctly with Shift N (Recalculate Roll)

Is recalculate roll necessary? And if it is what option do I use? I notice out of the box the leg distortion isnt fixed even with ur solution but im assumming I got to weight paint. Im very new to weight painting and rigging models do you think you could give me some help there? So my leg weight paint looks like this

yes you need to reparent With Automatic Weight and you often need to give some corrections. Maybe follow some tutorials, as there are many aspects that could hardly be summed up in few words:

you can also share your file so that we give a test:

I noticed right away the distortion by his butt has disappeared, and the distortion on his legs is a lot less but its still there. Is there any other ways I can eliminate this?

please share your file:

it doesn’t seem too bad, maybe put a Subdivision Surface modifier under the Armature modifier if you want a smoother result, also maybe you should work with a low-poly mesh, I’m not sure why you need so many faces as the general shape is rather simple. And don’t forget to give target to your IKs. Now you need to give some corrections: Extend a bit the influence of the bones:



bend the leg and give corrections with the Subtract option or with the Blur brush, it will look rather good:


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I got it to look pretty good thanks for your help