Top of Logic Panel is hidden

So a few of my students were having a problem. They opened up the sample .blend file and the top of the logic panel was hidden. We could see sensors and actuators that were already created, but not the “add sensor”, “add controller”, etc. or anything above them.

Could this have been caused by them accidentally hitting a shortcut key? I’m not aware of any shortcut key that has this effect, but it would be useful to know. We managed to restore it by merging the panel into the “3D view” and then splitting it back into two.

Not sure if it matters, but the computers we use are about 3-4 years old and not optimized for graphics at all. All of our work is done in Multitexture mode.

Can you upload the example .blend so we can try replicate the problem on our PCs?

I had such things from time to time. I never found a good solution on this.

What you can do is … go to File/User Preferences/File/Save&Load and disable “load UI”.
This way you always get your previously set UI settings (windows, screen layouts etc.)

Can’t you just scroll up? Normally works for me. (Middle Mouse Button click-drag)


I’m unable to duplicate the problem on my own machine. It seems to pop up at random on the lab computers

Thanks! I’ll try doing that from now on when I hand out sample .blends

That’s the problem actually. Scrolling up doesn’t do anything. It’s almost like the headings were “pushed” just above the edge of what can be seen.

I have had the issue, merge the viewport with another, then split it, make one into logic


What versions of blender are you using?

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