Top or front view as camera view

Hi, in some cases, I use press N and 0 > camera to view and adjust manually to get a perspective view as - camera view and review the look manually. Recently I did a couple of work in which front / top view was the best view for Render output. I tried the usual camera to view method, but it is not perfect. There is always some inclination. Is there any method in camera to view mode where we can hold the camera active and still ask for front/top view ? Currently when I use 1 or 7 in numberpad, the camera view vanishes and so does my chance to set a slight variant of front view as Render output view.

Any help on this will be great. Thanks.

“N and 0” is not the default “camera to view” it is ctrl-alt-numpad0
When you hit 1 or 7 the “viewport” will change to the front or top view (the camera does not change).
If you want your camera view to show the top view, first hit 7 to change the viewport to the top view and then hit ctrl-alt-numpad0 to align the camera to that viewport angle. Instead of ctl-alt-numpad0 you can go to the view menu and select “align view- align active camera to view”

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Thanks. Very helpful.