Top Secret Project

This is footage of a top secret project, being constructed in my basement. Explanations of everything will be provided soon. Until then, pretend I’m the bad guy and stalk me by gleaning as much info from the video as you can!

Map editor? :open_mouth: (didn’t really watch the video lol just saw a piece)

Yay for saving the position of stuff in the BGE, then loading the locations up outside the BGE!

boy you need help!
So i Reconsiderate my answer, boy you dont need help!
Sorry about my boringness! Ace dragon is right, Im old and got idioticzated with time.
Good luck with, anything that you are making on your basement!

Judging from the video and his voice he’s still a kid (though one experienced with Python)

He’s just excited that he got something like this working and wants to share it, all kids are like that (at his age especially if they’re programmers, game designers, artists, or create usable or fun objects in general)

I remember wanting my parents to look at my first game in GameMaker or even before that stuff I made with our big bin of legos, it’s very common, I still want to show them stuff I make sometimes and I’m 21.

that’s cool man! Though, I don’t it was that hard to make…

I’ll take a guess:
Each time you add a tree it appends it into a file, with just the location. Then you use a Blender script to add the trees in the location you put in the saved file…
So basically, your writing in a file in the game engine and reading the file in the Blender view :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea :smiley:

Good job :wink:


lol dude…

yeah… what is so amazing about this? No offense but I did a lot better than that for tower siege, I even had environments for like RTS games (trees and crap) generate randomly when the game was opened. Hell, you could even build multiple buildings and multiple army units and control them individually.

I wouldn’t say you’re the first person to ever do something like this, It’s very basic and not very functional… You got a lot of work till I’m impressed…

Okay, new video! Here’s the finished project. Will explain later. Bye.

I m kind of like this guy now!
Good Luck with your Secret project! I think that Its funny to whatch.

Great going, mtracer! I’m amazed with what you are able to do! Good job! Keep up you top secret game, You could even upgrade it to a brilliant world editor, (I could use one of those) so that you can place objects on any surface, Spherical, cubic, etc,… and have axis orientation, normal and world orientation options. Rolling the middle mouse would scroll the different objects. Every placed object could be an instance of the original ones (so you could use a KD-tree LOD setup). Having an option to hide already placed objects , would be a bonus.
This could be an interesting Real-time tool.
It doesn’t matter if others have done better! As long as yours works, it’s cool. Keep it up, I’ll be watching this thread!

Does anyone care for explanation videos, or should I keep adding features?

do as you wish, stick to your initial plan, I don t know, but I like the videos.
It s pretty fun to whaych!
nice job!

Do continue with this and see if you can create something truly fantastic and fully featured.

I wonder how this would look in Moguri’s GSoC branch, he just got geometry shaders working which any descriptions I’ve seen allows for dynamic creation of geometry.

Keep going for sure. It is a excellent idea. Even though people think they know how you do it, don’t tell them exactly how yet. Because as soon as you do, people create things similar and everyone forgets about you. But if you keep developing it and don’t release it, people will be like “mtracer made this sweet world editor, when will he make it available?”
Then when it is fully functional, no glitches and runs to perfection. you release it as a package. People use it and you’re praised.
Sure some people know how you do it, or will find out, but milk as much as you can out of this project.
Good job man. :slight_smile:

Good idea. I certainly hadn’t thought of it that way… :smiley:

@coonerboy: if you’re only drive is for reputation than yes… go “milk” the hell out of it :stuck_out_tongue: but I doubt if you say how to do it people will copy. Most everyone could figure out how to do it if they had drive, it’s just a lot of coding to do and kinda boring to work on.

It looks fairly good right now, keep at it. I’m guessing you’re inspired by editors like little big planet/skate 3? It would make game making more fun if the community could help develop your game by making maps.

@-[Killer]- In any business reputation is key. I know people could figure out how, but don’t, why? because its boring, like you said. So that’s why encourage him not to release it, so that the slackers who are to lazy to make it cant copy it.

@mtracer, i gotta say i love watchin the videos, keep up the good work cant wait till the next one. :slight_smile:

lol, good job mtracer!

@connerboy: It doesn’t matter weather he releases it to me or not :/, it’s actually a really good idea, and I’ve thought of doing something like that, but all in the game engine. :slight_smile: It’s not that hard, it just takes a while :wink:

I did a test of this a few months ago, instead it was just cubes and other default shapes XD, this looks really good, but better then mine and much less glitchy by the look of it. :slight_smile:


@mtracer: in the first video, it’s annoying how you think that ‘Blender People’ don’t understand what your doing, what the heck do you mean?

@Linkxgl: It’s a joke. They’ve probably invented the whole program cause they know that works.

lol dude, you need to add the joke emphasis, that didn`t sound like a joke XD