Top Ten Signs Your Girlfriend is a Fembot

  1. After strenuous activities the comment “I could really use a recharge” is followed by your girlfriend plugging an extension cord into the socket on her smooth curvacious thigh.

  2. At the beach your girlfriend asks you to liberally apply Carnauba Wax instead of suntan lotion then expects you to spend the next hour buffing to a shine.

  3. Any time your girlfriend sees a Toyota Prius she looks after it longingly and whispers “mother.”

  4. You regularly find intimate moments interrupted by your girlfriend’s sudden need to download and install updates.

  5. After every conversation your girlfriend compiles the data communicated and gives you an error report (this also happens with non-fembots).

  6. As a child your girlfriend played dress-up with smart phones and I-Pads.

  7. When your girlfriend makes an error in judgment she blames it on a leaky capacitor instead of just blaming you.

  8. On road trips your girlfriend has to stop at every Jiffy Lube to “powder her nose.”

  9. When your girlfriend is aroused you can smell rosin-core solder.

And the number one sign your girlfriend is a fembot: Instead of styling gel she uses Newtonian particle physics to give her hair the extra body and hold she’s looking for.


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Nice model, but it needs better lighting

I’m agree, the model is very nice, but I would see it better in a pure bright white (like I robot for exemple)

Nice - is modelling a robot harder than a person?

Use Cycles.

then repeat…

model aside, #6 is by far my favorite…of course I’m a man bot pretending to be a manputer…so my code is infallible.

I find the model to be quite good, unfortunately the level of lighting drags the overall quality drastically down. The Ambient Occlution is way to strong and the image looks underexposed with too many gray colors. Using a different render engine may do the model more justice, consider checking out luxrender or even cycles, and try to simulate a product lighting layout. Creative bullet points though…

Agreed . . .

What the heck???
Cool robot (why do mine suck compared to that and others I’ve seen?)

Her hands are too short (it might be foreshortening, but…)

#6 is most certainly true and is not characteristic only of the fembots, so its diagnostic value is irrelevant :0)

I haven’t had a girlfriend (and still don’t).
So I wouldn’t know :D.

I’m a firm believer that each person has a particular niche. I was a mechanical engineer for a time so mechanical stuff comes easy to me. I just model something that would work if it were built in real life then think about adding character to the functional mechanical structure. I suck at organic stuff though.


Well, you know what they say about fembots with long hands… I didn’t want to imply anything inappropriate.

Ah. Well here are some of mine.
A portal spoof. I modeled the turrets but valve gets their copyright.

Loved it. And speaking of that particularly lovely fembot, Ex Machina, in addition to passing your own personal Turing Test, also see if she can convince you that…

She won’t try to murder you given the first good opportunity, your probably having already given her many good reasons to do so already!

Frankenfurter’s Fembot.rtf (435.6 KB)


Wow. It has been years since I created that. My blender skills were sad and depressing back then. Perhaps I need to revisit modeling of robots now that I’m slightly less lame.
Based on your post you would probably love the second book in the sci fi series I’ve been writing.
In this book they fight with an AI from another dimension. They ultimately are not able to stop it but they manage to trick it into psychotic knitting instead of psychotic killing. Bit of a spoiler but it’s more about the journey than the ending. See shameless book promotion:

I found the article on frankenbarbie amusing. Just realized it’s probably going to give me nightmares. Oh well.

I think I will indeed check out your book. There… just ordered a copy. Please message me when your next comes out. I will have been waiting with baited breath (I love the Future Perfect Continuous Tense). My favorite so far is #14. But where is the first part of the list of fembot clues? Keep in mind that Ex Machina is boppin’ about the world now and she’s already quite irate, so be careful, she might well BE your girlfriend.

Nightmares? Oh… Trump? I know just what you mean… :smiling_imp: :skull_and_crossbones: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:


Oh, and I like your Tunsinator icon/avatar.