top tips for people looking for volounteers to work for them.

If your request is of any substance and could take a volunteer a while, throw in a little incentive, no matter how small.
its like when you move house and get your friends to help, buy em a beer for there efforts, it may not be much, but its a way of saying thank you.

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One way that volunteering can improve your job application is simply because you already know a lot about the organization. Depending on your position, you can learn about how things operate, the organizational structure, and the nonprofit’s goals and missions. You can also get a sense of the culture of the organization and can be more prepared when coming in for a job interview.

Volunteers want to help and ‘make a difference’ as the cliché goes, but most know this isn’t a purely selfless act. You will also benefit: you will learn new skills, broaden your horizons, and come to better understand the world and yourself. And that’s all ok.