top view not working!

i am trying to model an apartment building and need to get to top view. however when i click on top view its not perfectly on top, like i can see part of the front like its looking at the object from an angle. also when i hold alt to move my view position it seems to be fixed on the camera object. how do i fix both of these issues? any help would be awesome!:yes:

hit “5” on your numbpad or go on view -> orthographic

oh and i think you needs to press shift alt mouse click to move away from the camera, or you can select a object and hit the ‘.’ key on your numbpad

cool thanks, but now i cannot see the camera object and cannot move it! thanks for the help. i also cannot see lamps, im getting pissed.

do you have multiple layers? in object mode, right below the 3D view, there is a bunch of tiny boxes which are layers. there will be a tiny icon in the box if there are objects in it. to view multiple layers at a time you shift+click each box. or you can just click to switch. hope this helps :slight_smile: