Top View using background images, cannot see thru objects

I’m new with blender. Can somebody help me?

Let’s say I am in top view ortho mode.
I have a background image I need to trace.

I put a plane mesh and try to trace the outline of the car on the background image.

But my mesh is in Edit Mode, viewport shading is Solid. I cannot see thru the mesh. ‘Limit selection to visible’ button is of no consequence.

Is it possible to set it so that the mesh is translucent?
Or is it possible to use wireframe viewport shading, but let the mesh’s faces still be greyish and not transparent totally?

If anybody can help, please do. I’m using Blender 2.59.

Thanks in advance.

Try pressing Z.

When you’re in edit mode, filled faces will not be totally transparent.

Thanks. I guess this is ok. Appreciate it!

There is an alternative but it does require a bit more effort to setup: