ok my first wip sorta died as i went off it soon after posting, however, i dont think this will happen with this one- the idea came after seeing someone elses wip or finished (cant remember which) for the blender projects 50’s toons competition
but anyway, what i am planning is a scene, with maybe some more top cat characters, with the characters rendered shadeless to give a cartoon feel, but casting shadows and with (semi)realistic props. However, I cant think of a decent scene for it, although so far i have garbage cans and a fence. Any help with an idea for a scene would be great! (preferably something with an ACME product in it)

EDIT: another render with the bins and a fence in it (i know the bin lid texture is messed up)

crits welcome

i recon it would look aswome toon shaded


an update: ive started on officer dibble
its not much to look at now, but please can i get crits for topcat etc i need people to reply or i will end up forgetting/not being bothered about it!

EDIT:changed dibble pic to an updated version

Dibble has a face!
now all he needs is some hair, some feet, and some (probably) Uv-mapped eyes! yay!
EDIT: wheres the pic?
o well hre goes again
ill do some more on it now…

This is GREAT man- keep it up!

Top Cat is tops

Nicely styled.


ok, dibble is finished and ive started one of the other cats-this time im modelling it posed, because i cant be bothered rigging it for posing (read:I’m really bad at rigging)
i dont actually know which cat this is, but its the one that wears a jumper:

That’s Choo Choo

oh thanks!
update: choochoo is no longer headless!
and a toon render (my first ever, some tips on improving it would be appreciated)

okay choochoo is finished, and so is benny the ball-well almost. He needs a face! but that shouldnt take long…(i hope)

you should have old looking buildings in the background i think…

i know i am going to do some architecure to put in it soon-maybe after benny is finished…

I gotta say I love this project.
Topcat is an old-time fave of mine.

Keep it going!
And for the toon renders, turn down specularity and add some edges with the edge button and setting in the scene tab (F10)

i dont know much about toon rendering. i agree jolly topcat ruules!

woah! long time no update! i had to go back all the way to page 10 to find this thread!anyway. here we go:
I’m happy with how the scene is turning out, although there are a HUGE number of unnecessary polies (poly’s? polies?)-every brick is modelled seperately (but not by me, thanks to the blender model repository!) which i will probably replace with textures)
there are some little problems ive noticed such as the floor and the fence not lining up properly, but ill fix those later.
I also want to add a couple of details such as topcats bin/house and the police phone etc., but they shouldnt take long.
thanks for looking.

I LOVE it! you should try to mae all the cats, then try to make the opening anim for the show, that’d be awe-some :smiley:

I will try to get round to making all the cats, but i think an animation is beyond me at the moment-im hopeless at rigging and animating-i cant even fix other peoples rigs to work for me! However i am trying to pose the characters just by moving verts for just now with some success to make a proper pose that makes sense for them.