Topdown Gunner

Sorry, but I have no name for this game yet because i want a good group to decide one. this game is a topdown 3d type game with ships as the players. the game is a multiplayer game not a campaign type! 4 player max so far. I have not made the levels yet, but i have designed them and will be scanning and importing the pictures for you. here is an unfinished model of the ships. I need someone who can model the levels while i work on the players. A python programmer would be good to have too.

Here is an lamp beta model.

id be happy to help with the modeling and level design but im not a really advanced moodler neither a noob modler. im more a kind of in the middle modler. by the way what kind of level design do you want.

here is a renderd image of the kind of things Ive modled

by the way i made the background


it says invalid attatchment. try uploading it again and thanks, i am very happy you replied.

here you go

that is great work, but i plan for the level to be in a modern type setting. i.e. houses, warehouses. I will send you the layouts and what i mean, ok.

Here is an example of a house im working on.

hmm ok ive never tried making a house before but ok ill try it out
i clicked on the music link you left below, it sounded strange but pretty good for your first go.

try lisening to this music. it sounds a heap better and very technoie
i didnt make this but i got it from the sabayon website

How good is your pc? Because in order to put all this together into one complete beta, we need unity or unreal engine. I am going to check out crystal space which is a real time plug-in for blender.

Do you know who made the song? Like personally? Because if you do, i want to see if he will make soundtracks and soundeffects for the game. Also, look for people who know how to do real time texture and bumbmap along with someone who is good at python and knows how to use unity.

i havent eard of unity before ill have t see what its like.
ok my pc runs on an operating system called sabayon, its very awesome and that also where i got the music from.
so im pretty sure that the offical people who made sabayon made that because i havent heard that anywhere else.

i have some music we could use for the game. its from a very old game on ps1 called wipeout 3 or the proper name wipe3out.

here is the link

You probably don’t actually need unity or unreal engine, the BGE is pretty much on par with them in terms of graphics and the integrated design environment will make the development a lot easier. And AFAIK the work on the crystal space plugin stopped a while ago when the yoFrankie developers decided to enhance the BGE instead.

@skykooler - I’m not sure, but I think your information is correct. I don’t think a recent version of the Crystal2Blend plugin has been made (for Blender 2.5), but I don’t really know, so…

hmm ok im not really sure what cyrstal space is

Is this game going to sell? If so, i might be able to help out. I create alot of music in my spare time… here is my portfolio

just click the play button to hear it. if there is no play button, click on the title of the song, then click “Open in Audio Editor”

Hope you enjoy it!


SolarLune, Im using blender 2.49 because im used to it and im not a big fan of 2.5. Will crystal space work with 2.49 well?
@ShingWanTinShingWanTin, I have no guarantee that this will be a seller nor did I even think of it being a seller. I would like it to be one now that you asked, but for now, i really have no guarantee. sorry. but your more than welcome to help on the project. I do like the music btw. Its nice background music.
Skykooler, my pc is a dell inspiron 1545 2.13ghz, 3gb ram, 180gb harddrive. My pc gets laggy when i test the shooting in blender so i was needing to go to a third-party real time render like unreal or unity and im going to try crystal space.
Liquid-legs, I need you to make a basic, but kinda detail building so i can see what your good at. Never heard of Sabayon before, so ill look into that.

You may also want to look into OGRE. Here is a video of MotorM4X, a game which uses OGRE fro rendering, showing what the engine is capable of.

ok, this is really good! How do i get this? I went to google and searched “ogre engine” and went to there site, but i really dont know if its a plugin or its own engine like unity? In other words, I dont even know how to download it and use it.

It’s not a game engine like the BGE or Unity - it’s a rendering engine. This means that you’ll get to have the fun (LOL) of writing the code to draw models onscreen, probably with C++. Because it’s just a rendering engine, it’s probably best if you paired it with an input system (perhaps SDL). If you want physics, you’ll have to do that as well, so you probably should look into downloading and using the Bullet physics library as well.

There is a Blender plugin for Ogre - search the forums for GameKit.
GameKit also handles Irrlicht, which can run on iPhone.