Topdown Gunner

wow orge looks awesome ill have to take a look at it
its good know that im not the only 2.49b user. i dont really like 2.5 either.
skykooler why cant you just give us the link for gamekit

well, i really dont feel like programming with c++ again because i will have to recap what i had learned, plus, i dont want to have to learn new code for ogre. i will probably use dark basic because i know it pretty well and its great for importing models and animations from blender.

My made crates in blender imported from google sketchup.

This is the toolbox for health regain.

Here is the page:

is there a gamekit for 2.49? I dont see one?

AFAIK there is no plugin for 2.49 because the python scripting has undergone a complete re-write for 2.5.

ANOTHER MODELER IS NEEDED! We need about 40 detailed houses for the level. We have about 2 months to complete this beta! There are 3 team members on this project.