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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :tada:

Very nice! Excellent composition, lighting, overall materials and great environment. And (this comment coming from someone in the architecture practice), very nice architecture.

The only thing that i would improve here perhaps is the main facade material, i have the feeling a touch of some kind of a bump texture and imperfection would help a great deal.

Though it’s far too clean and ‘unaged’ IMO it’s really beautifull :slight_smile:

Gongratz and thanks !

And happy blending !

Редко когда архвиз такого качества в проектировании церквей.

The reference temple is pretty new, it was consecrated in 2015. It looks rather clean and ‘unaged’ IRL.

Oh my bad then :frowning: sorry.

I’ve been mistaken by arches thinking it was an old building :wink:

Thanks and happy blending !