where is the dos window?


Most PC’s from the eighties have one.


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(yoda: utterly pointless thread this is)

I think I just figured out what in hell you’re talking about… Blender launches two windows when you open it, one will be full of text. That is the DOS window.

But please, watch this: http://projectboil.pixel10.co.uk/posting/Posting.html

it’s called a console window.

but come on man, you should be able to figure out how to title a thread by now.

this is a nice one…

id make some odd comment but i have a feeling the poor guy has enough problems and might not understand it any ways… um… interesting thread… um yeah.

DOS window… its on just about any computer that dont have a hard drive… and need them oversized floppys to boot up.

If your looking for a DOS command promp… that would be under your start menu in windows. “Prays to god the guys not on a mac… would have to hurt him then”

If your looking for the command wondow… its the black screen witht he white text that pops up before the main blender GUI loads.

money: tell me that you are 5 or retarded and not literate…

WinXP done don’t have a DOS command prompt. It gots a Command Prompt though offa that there Start Menu forrud-slush Accessories. So I mosey that ifa ‘money’ never dun opurated a compu-tater befer priar ta XP and just picked un up wit XP insteered than he or she or heav’n-forbit he-she wuddent know diddley-dun-donkeymonkeys bout dat dere DOS or what it peered like. Yet here y’all be, call’n ‘money’ a three-dolla-bill anyhow without even a tri-l, donch’a know.

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After reading that last reply, I think someone should add a couple more question marks on the title. :o

If you’re running a Mac or Linux it probably won’t start with a console so you need to start blender from (something like) “application/utilities” or open the console seperately.

Patience, and z3r0_d will be along to explain.


Give it up. There’s no need for such a tag-team verbal assault, unless that’s just how you get your jollies. If you’re not answering anything then you’re just making an already meaningless thread worse by pushing it up.

The term ‘you’ is subjective in a thread involving many people including the first person that replied sarcasticly and started the snowball rolling which happens to be you ‘shbaz’. Nice backpedal although it lacks any real finesse.

If ‘shbaz’ you mean ‘you’ as everyone who instantly assumed ‘money’ was knowledgeable about computers that actually used DOS and called it that then I agree. But if not you need to be more specific…

I think it’s pretty clear who didn’t do any question answering. My sarcasm wasn’t an attack, and the link provides information on good posting habits so that people won’t have “?” for a title and a one liner question.

This post and yours are still both wastes of time, and I wouldn’t be posting again if you hadn’t already bumped it to the top for whatever reason.

My fault for defending ‘money’ while using a sense of humor. ‘money’ you have MY humbelst apologies for assuming you aren’t as stupid as people were joking you to be and defending you in an ironic way that the accusers of stupidity didn’t get. I’m very sorry for my apparently confusing words that the people determining your intellegance have decided you probably won’t understand and I apologize for everyones ignorance and assumtions as to your potential computer knowledge in this thread, including my own. I also apologize to the gods of bandwith for this message as it’s a total waste of space. But at least it’s more then 1 line so the devils of bandwith will be happy…