a) you need to be more specific, what kind of control do they have, what do they shoot [is it an added object or just a ray sensor?], do they flock? do they flock more when afraid?

b) you need to be more realisitc, the speed would be a big issue as you make things more complicated. Sure, it is possible to get 17fps with 100 armature deformed characters, but it is not reasonable that they would all have any kind of complicated AI

the attempts in the past have had at best 4 complex characters running at reasonable rates. On some systems you could deal with more… but, again, you aren’t being specific what kind of system this is intendeded to run on

so, to repeat
here are some questions you probably should answer before someone wastes hours of their time attempting this:
what kind of system to you expect this to run on? [cpu speed, ram, and graphics card specs]
how will the author of this magical python script be credited?
what kind of detail are the characters? [do you have them yet?, how many triangles? bones? are they animated?]
how much gameblender stuff do you know? if you just started gameblender yesterday this project is way too complicated for you.
can you provide a specification not subject to change? It needs to say things like the basics of the implementation [state machine? decision tree?], and a lot of detail on the desired behavior, enough that no situation is unknown… what kind of motion do they use to travel? [force/dloc/linv], do they play particular animations while doing particular things, do they make sounds? have properties other than life? act in groups? are aware of others? have allies and enemies? what if it falls through the floor or a wall? what happens when two objects collide [if using linv do they both go flying in opposite directions or do you do anything to deal with this]? what kind of sensors do they use?
are you going to give up on this if it becomes difficult?
are you willing to devote all of the time and effort required for this?

umm, I guess I’ve ranted enough. I don’t hate you, I just think you’d be best off learning to do this kind of thing yourself. Almost no project has been completed here requring more than one person, and something like what you ask has quite a committment. Also, you are not at all clear on what you actually want.