A image i proposed to be frontpage of one of our clients infomercial magazine. Company is now 15 years old.


Blender render.

Tell me what U think!

Looks very good, well executed. Belongs on a cover.

Yes, really nice. Only the stack of money at the bottom of the “1” doesn’t seems to be the same color as the other.
And the yellow part at the top of the coins is somewhat too yellow compared to the side.

/me tries to find a 1€ coin …
Err… yes, the yellow part isn’t really golden, it’s more like a mix between gold and silver color I think.


the stack at the base of the 1 looks like it is made up of thinner “euros”

and also the fact that all the coins are all laying in the same direction looks a little odd. You have good variation on the stacks, I wonder if some difference in rotation of the top coins would also be good.

it’s really clean, but it might look nice with some AO or DOF, LOL.

good work!

Thank you

yes, the yellow part isn’t really golden

You are right. It could be more silver. Texture is taken from the original Euro-graphic-manual-CD. It is not a photo but a draving. You can also see a slight gradient in the silver part :smiley:

…maybe its better in this stage it to look more colourful for the client.

I must say that this was quite fast draft jus to show the idea. I will do it better if it is accepted.

it’s really clean, but it might look nice with some AO

Its is actually rendered with some AO 8 or something :D…but without any shadows.

and the direction of the coins… I thought it looked kool and strange so left it. Maybe rotate some for the final piece. :Z

Nothing special… coins looks too plastic.
Look at this:
Polish Zloty by Grzybu

Good otherwise but I think there’s too much reflection.

is always more easy comment weaks than exits, i’m easy so. The design of the image is elegant and belieable, except the shadows on the bump of the “1” and europe map relief in coins.
You might

  • use this texture or an adaptation to create real bump on the coin mesh with the noise tool.
    -or subdivide the coins and map his texture as a displacement map
    -or ignore theses issues being satisfied with your work! :slight_smile:
    -igonre these issues and me and follow the best results by other ways. :slight_smile:
    I hope I have help you. As usual, my very poor english doesn’t let me understand at 100% the threads and comments do yet.

Hey, lots of Euros - look good to me.

I don’t mind if the coins don’t look realistic, everybody will recognise them. But I agree, the colours of the materials don’t look consistent. Some coins look yellow, some look like brass. And for me it was difficult to see it as the number 15, I just saw coins until I read the text. And one last thing, the background gradient doesn’t look soft, maybe it’s just the jpg compression of your image or you could use Blender’s ‘Dither’ option.

Enough crits, keep it up!

By the way, I also did some Euro coins in Blender - see here and here :D.

a small error: the speculars on the “1” are on the right, while the light comes from the left side.