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Why are there two lines going through the top of my project? :confused:


That’s where you divided the surface to make the Dots. Don’t know how to fix, but you now know what the problem is.

Check you mesh for extra geometry (vertices), try W-Remove Doubles.

And, please, do use a proper Topic Title.

don’t know if that’s the technique you used, but I think the best is to add your plane (face of the cube) and then your 3 circles (at the same level that the plane). you must delete the face of the plane (X key => only faces). then you join the 3 mesh together (crtl+j in object mode), then select all vertices (A key), and eventually shit+F to make the faces.

then to make the hollow part, you can either extrude and resize the circles in order to make em look like a sphere, or use 3 spheres from the begining, instead of the circles. (but when making the faces, select only the mid vertices.

hope this will help :slight_smile: