so wat are we supposed to do?

What (the hell) is that? What do you need that for? Who invented that day? O_o

And RANKN67 has a valid point there, too.

we do this i think:


We use proper punctuation, which means that about 98% of the internet is in trouble.

It means that, for one day of the year, I can safely do this!!!
Umm, sorry:o


Easy. Most people here haven’t finished school yet. The 4th grade is very hard you know.

it is… im stuck on times tables

Haha, how true. Here’s my shot at proper punctuation.

But tomorrow, I’m going back to my 1337 sp34k!!1!!11!


well since I dont want people to have nothing to do here you go You can fix this


big bad, that hurt man. realy hurt… this after noon, right after my nap, im gonna tell the teacher on you

watchout mars your next