Trolling for female blender heads, are we? :wink:


Somehow, I just knew you would post that…

By the way…ah nevermind…forgot what I was going to say when I went back to edit…

Best wasted post ever…

I met her. She currently teaches at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Last semester, she gave us a walk through of Blender. It was really cool, though a little boring - because I have used Blender since 2003.

Edit: Guitar87… were you by any chance in Dr. Perkins Game Programming class last semester?

Well… she seems cool and all… but, honestly, I don’t think I’d ever work in the game industry. Too many horror stories about six months of 12-16 hour days during “crunch time”. Maybe if I was younger… no, probably not even then. That sort of thing just isn’t appealing to me anymore, I guess. Creative is good. Stress is not. Sleep is good. Exhaustion is not. (I wouldn’t work for Google, either…)

I used to work in multimedia with a woman who ended up, last I heard, doing textures for Sony’s game group… I guess she liked it well enough, but I haven’t talked to her in years.

Honestly, I’m more excited about the sorts of things that small groups of independent developers can do with tools like Blender. And I’m more interested in short films than games.