Gurus & Chelas,
Wishing all Blenderites a
:o Year 2008…
filled with Happiness, Good Cheer and Health.


Wouldn’t your subject be 2008? Lol btw that smiley looks like Hinata from Naruto i just noticed. Um soo yeah I guess yeah happy newyears.

I have a whole pile of them on my desk that I have to enter data from.

I still prefer 379. Its happy, and 208 is not happy.

Have a good year.

Happy new year all :slight_smile:

3 hours till midnight here.

Happy New Year.:wink:

already 2008 here now time is 6:00 morning
hope no bush and binladen spoils it

Ha, still 4th age here, but, for those of you who don’t live in Middle Earth:


Happy New Year (2 hours left for me)

happy new year! Great news! I’m stickin around for 08 too! Suprising, right?
Have a good 'un

11: 17…

Yah, we’re celebrating (I don’t know why)

I am the one speaking in the middle…

11:00 here, answering questions on this forum made me miss the Times Square ball drop:rolleyes:

It’s now 2008 here;)

Another new year of new Blender Features, and this year will probably be bigger then 2007.:eek:


12:44 here. I was watching a movie at 12:00.

sorry gurus,
:slight_smile: i was neither drunk or doing something ‘else’. gr8 2 have u r wishes tho…

Happy new year!
Best wishes to all.
Hope this is a productive year.

Happy New Year!
Hope you all have a wonderful 2008!

Happy new year it’s just now 11:00 here in FL.

  1. Happy New Year!
  2. Wow, is it just me or did 2007 REALLY suck?
  3. Guess where I’m celebrating it from. Go ahead, guess.

(hint: The worst place for an Arab like me to be.)