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The total abortions that have occurred in USA from 1980-2006 = Over 63.7 Billion

Wow, nearly the same as the total number of people that have ever lived!

Edit - we seemingly can’t discuss a topic about whether or not we went to the moon, what hope do you have for an emotionally charged subject such as this? Particularly when you ask in a completely black and white manner, with little definition as to what you even mean with the term “abortion”.

If you truly want to discuss something like this, then you’d have to at the very least write a full opinion with reasons & justifications.

I’m fine with abortion as long as it’s done in time. Seven months in to pregnancy should be the absolute limit as that’s where the baby’s nervous systems starts functioning (or at least when it starts to feel pain). I don’t really understand what people have against abortion anyway, it’s just a lump of cells. It’s not a ‘human being’ yet.

And this forum isn’t really the place to discuss this.

p.s. correct me if I’m wrong on the seven months, I thought I read it somewhere but I’m not too sure about it.


Now that you mention it, it’s probably a bullshit figure or he meant ‘million.’

You mean the number of people that never lived…

Abortion is not always murder.
And 63 billion abortions in the USA? Where did you pull that number out? Your ass?
1 billion second is 32 years and 7 months.
63 billion x 1 kilograms (= my estimation of the weight of the aborted material) = 63 million metric tons, which possible could very well be a larger value than the total weight of consumable goods over that period.

And now, my 2 cents: You pro-lifers are not really pro life. You guys are pro-birth. What happens after that is seemingly none of your concern. Whether there is an effort to provide a good quality of life after the baby’s first breath is of no concern to you guys. What plays a bigger role after the birth for you guys is the pro-gun attidute, which seems to me rather anti-life.
Have you seen the movie “The cider house rules”? It will change your perspective on abortion. The movie shows you that it is not a question of evil or good, it is a question of what a woman deems to be a wise choice. That is what pro choice is about: The choice to keep the baby, or have an abortion.

Remember, cellular life exists before conception. A sperm cell is alive. But HUMAN life begins around the 5th / 6th month of pregrancy. To commit abortion then, you should have a damn good reason.
One last point, there is also spontaneous abortions, even without the woman knowing she had an abortion. She could merely think she’s experiencing her normal menstrual cycle.

If you had the choice AND the only window of opportunity: would you had Hitler or Osama Bin Laden, or Sadam Hussein or Ted Bundy aborted?

whoops, my bad, 48 million. sorry. But still… 48 million.

And you know this how?

To answer your question: No, I would have that list of tyrants aborted if I had the chance. At that point in their lives even they were innocent human beings. There are plenty of other non-violent ways someone could change the course of history if given that sort of opportunity, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

PS If I were a mod, I’d lock this. There is just way too much potential for things to get VERY ugly.

Abortion should NEVER be illegal. I think there should be better sex education for all, a sustained, committed and well directed programme of this would reduce the need for abortion.

Abortion is a fairly horrible procedure. But it’s the “least worst” solution to early unwanted pregnancies (we’re talking after 3-4 days here when you can still take the morning after pill); and would still be carried out if it was legal. The only difference would be the quality of the person performing the operation…

‘Least worst’ solution? For who, the parents? If the parent is not ready to have a baby, they should carry it to term and put the kid up for adoption.

And the argument that abortions would still happen if they were illegal doesn’t fly with me. Should we make murder legal because it will happen anyway, and this way we can have professional hitmen solve our ‘problems’?

The OT topics keep getting more and more intresting… …counterquestion:

Should Dragons be allowed to have abortions when they where impregnated by aliens during a military cover-up only if they sacrifice one arm for Blender 2.50 to come out next week to prevent Russia to invade the US to kill jesus unless they are black?

Sorry arexma, I’m not laughing at this one. :frowning:

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hmm, lets see: 48 million children up for abortion. Who’d take care of them? who’d build the necessary infrastructure to house them, ensure there were sufficient jobs, food, clothing etc etc etc etc.

In England, before abortion was legal women had to go to backstreet doctors who would perform the surgery for them. There was no aftercare, counselling or support. Once you were done, it was “off you go and don’t tell anyone”.

What would you say to a pregnant rape victim: “sorry love, i know you were traumatised enough already: now you’ve got to be pregnant for 7 more months and then give birth. Perhaps afterwards you’ll give the baby up for adoption.”

As I said, I’m not pro-abortion. I simply don’t see how it’s fair to dictate what a woman should do with her own body.

Sorry arexma, I’m not laughing at this one.

Me neither, i am not even answering the thread.
Eventhough this is OT, in my opinion there are limits.

It seems like the OT of this board has become a contest for the most extreme topic ever. Seriously, kudos to the mods, keeping up the freedom of speech but i still think there are limits… not because of morally reasons or integrity expects it, simply because its pointless and fuels the fire. Many of those topics (abortion, religion…) are things everyone has to get worked out for his own, and surely if two extremes crash together in this forum its funny to read along at first but pointless. All it brings is bad blood. Some of those topics even started wars… so why not discuss them in a blender forum?
Not to forget we got a lot of underage users here too. Its no adults only board and some topics are not at all suitable for kids… yeah sure the net is full of them so why should we make a difference… well i don´t even want to go there.

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What a woman should do with her body is not what I’m talking about, it’s what she should do with her unborn baby.

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